"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I was with your facility, but moreover, your staff. My Mom, Jeanette Stone, presented to your facility about a month ago after encountering a cerebral infarction. The care she received, from the nurses to the therapists, exceeded all expectations. I wish I could personally thank everyone involved in her care but there were too many, and all were outstanding. I am confident that you can check your records and see who was most involved. She was in room 208B. My Mom’s improved condition is due in large part to the care she received at Springtree. Again, thank you. " - Steve S
"I was a patient at your facility from July 27 to August 10 after open-heart surgery. You really helped prepare me for getting back to my home. All of your CNAs were accommodating to any needs or requests I had, including letting me get up at 1 AM and staying up in my wheelchair until 3 AM when my back stopped hurting. I especially want to mention the good care and positive advice I received from day shift CNA Lorna, day nurse Karen, afternoon CNA Paul and night CNA Beatrice. The food was very good. I also appreciated being able to stay In the Day Room some afternoons and evenings and going out to your beautiful courtyard with my husband. I cannot say enough about your Occupational and Physical Therapists. They worked very hard with me and knew just how hard to push me and were aware of the medical precautions I had. They also made Therapy a fun place to go. Jill was my PT. She was both motivating and understanding. She ordered and later adjusted the rolling walker which I am now using at home. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of my OT (Tracy?) who was head of the OT Department. She too was very helpful. All in all, being in your rehab center was a positive experience for me. I got to know many patients, hear their stories and exchange positive motivation with them. Thank you. " - Many thanks, Molly L
"I'm glad my doctor brought me to this facility. It's a very nice and friendly facility. It's also extremely clean which is very important to me. The Nurses were wonderful to me. The night staff worked very hard to accommodate me the best of their ability. Therapy was the best experience I've had. They were the best! Vince was so patient and amazing to me. " - Many thanks, Luz R
"This is really a thank you for the excellent care you just provided for my Mother in Law, Grace G. She just checked out today and the care she received was amazing. She was there 5 weeks and my wife and I just loved your fantastic staff. I am in business in South Florida for many years and I run into a lot of facilities like yours and you get 5 stars!

My wife had tears in her eyes when she said goodbye today when picking up my Mother in Law. If I hear of anyone looking for your services, I will not hesitate to highly recommend you all. We made friends with many of your patients and I never heard a complaint. Sure, they would like to go home, but home right now is Springtree! Job well done. " - Many thanks, Pat and Carol S
"I want to thank all of you for the kindness and support you have shown my father, mother and my family over the past month. As many of you know my father pasi;ed away this past week. Many of you spent countless hours caring for him while he was at Springtree. I know he was difficult at times because of the pain he was enduring. I personally witnessed the kindness the staff showed him on many occasions. There were so many of you who helped him while he was here and at home. My father had been in and out of the hospital many times over the past year and fortunately after each stay we were fortunate to bring him to Springtree for rehabilitation. Iam so thankful for that. When my father passed the number of people from Springtree who came to pay their condolences to my family was truly amazing. I had the opportunity to speak with Andy Weisman and felt it important to convey something he said to me. He said that the staff at Springtree is like family and he knows that many of your relatives have been treated there. He was humbled' by the fact that Springtree has been able to be there when your families needed help. Iwant all of you to know that Ithink you treated my father like family while he was with you. It can be difficult to show kindness and respect when a patient is suffering and curt with those trying to help them. Itruly saw the best in how you cared for my father. Icould not ask for better care than all of you gave him. Thank you all for all the kindness you showed to him and my family." - With deepest appreciation, Michael B.
"I was recently a patient at Springtree Rehab Center and I just want you to know what a wonderful place I think it is. The patients' rooms, lobby, TV room, and grounds were spotless and were cleaned everyday anyway. Surprisingly, the food could have passed for gourmet. Everything was very tasty and presented in an appetizing manner. The people in the rehab labs were excellent. They were sweet, patient and encouraging. Even when you didn't want to do the exercises they ended up getting you to do them with a smile. Also, I can't say enough about the nurses, aids, and staff. They were all well trained, kind, patient, and helpful. When you are in pain as I was, it is reassuring to be in a facility like Springtree." - Thank you all so much, Patricia
"I miss the Springtree Rehabilitation Center! My husband spent 12 days at the facility and we had such a nice experience. Everyone made us feel right at home from the Administration to the Maintenance people. The nurses were outstanding, their love and care they showed us will never be forgotten. The facility is spotless, clean and the food is good. I would highly recommend this place." - Nancy
"Thank you for the care of my mother, Marilyn Cohen, received at your facility during her stay in February through March. The staff was warm, friendly, and competent from the front lobby receptionist to the nurses, aids, housekeepers, therapists, and dietary workers. It was difficult for me placing my mother in a nursing care center for any length of time knowing by experience what can go wrong. Nothing did! I was comfortable leaving her in the evenings knowing she was in good hands. Please thank the staff for us. They should be very proud of the work they do." - Susan S
"I am happy to write this note to congratulate you and your staff for a job well done. Along with my brother and three sisters, two of them nurses, I want to commend your staff that is caring for my father Majeur Gaston. Our dad was transferred to your facility last week following intensive care admission at Westside Regional Hospital due to respiratory issues.

We were very impressed with the delivery of care your staff provides day in and day out. Your team, Ms. Logan, went beyond the call of duty to provide the integrated care our dad needs, thereby ensuring his timely recovery. All of the staff involved in our father's care has provided ease, comfort, professionalism and attention to his every need.

Kudos to nurse Myriam Najac for her professionalism and exceptional advocacy skills. Ms. Najac displays confidence and exudes compassion, patience and competence to the family during this rather difficult time. She really affirms the perspective I had of Springtree. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care my father is receiving. I am so happy that we have a facility of this caliber in Sunrise." - Joe G
"I would like to thank all of your staff at Springtree Rehabilitation and Health Care Center who made my stay there so wonderful! The staff is as good as can be, sensational! I could not find any fault or bad manners from anyone of them. My physical therapists were just great! I felt like each day was more of a party than hard work. I want to thank each and everyone one of them from the bottom of my heart! The day I left to return home I had tears in my eyes, I almost thought I wanted to stay there to live!" - Helen S
"Wanted you to know that lee Wilson was a recent patient at the facility. He was very pleased with Springtree Rehab. The rooms were kept clean and the meals were prepared according to each patients medical situation. The staff exceeded expectations in making the rehab facility shine with their understanding, compassion and assistance. The facility is a jewel waiting to be discovered!" - Marian W
"On behalf of my brother Arthur and my sister Trudy I want to thank you and all your staff for everything you did to ensure that my dad Jack Berkowitz enjoyed the last years of his life at Springtree. It is difficult to express our appreciation for the care given to him on a daily basis. Where to begin .. Let me start and end with the staff - attendants, nurses, activities coordinators, all see to it that my dad was welcomed each day of his stay. From the people who attend to his physical needs to the ones who coordinate the many social programs (e.g.; singers; Friday services; scrambled word activities; bingo and many more), to the ones who provide nutritious kosher meals, all these many persons are full of love and dedication and it shows through each and every day.

No matter where my siblings and I walked through the hallways of Springtree, we were always greeted with a Hello, How are you! How is Jackie? (a nick name for my dad) I could go on at length but let me just say that Springtree Rehab and Healthcare receives my highest recommendation as a place to spend one´s last few years when staying in one´s home is impossible. The community created there is special and it ensured that my dad was happy and his mind was stimulated as he had to leave his apartment due to health concerns. It is never easy to put one´s parent/spouse in a place not their home, but if tha is the best alternative, then Spring would be the place of choice as far as I am concerned! " - Michael B
"My mother was discharged from your premises today and I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent care that she received while she was at your facility. Your staff, from the receptionist, aides, therapists, nurses, etc., made a difficult situation as comfortable as possible for my Mom. Once again, thank you and regards to your staff. " - Harriet S
"I am compelled to write this letter of commendation about the Springtree Rehabilitation facility. I had been treated here a few years ago but these last 8 weeks have been absolutely wonderful to say the least. The Physical and Occupational team I believe to be the best if Florida. Okay, let me say it.. the best on the plant! The physical therapists are the most caring and compassionate people yet totally professional. The occupational therapists whom all exercised the same measure of kindness and love clothed in seriousness and professionalism. A definite passion for their profession. The nursing staff is hardworking and constant. The DON is cheerful and approachable. The CNA's are always available and hardworking. This cadre of wonderful people, I believe, are the reason why Springtree Rehab is no doubt a 5 class, 5 star Rehabilitation Center. " - With love and sencerity, Pastor Barbara S
"I was a patient at Springtree for two weeks recently. This is to tell you my experience was most delightful. The people you employ are great and would like to name a few that took care of me - Sharon Miller, Rosalita, Marie, Rose, Vivian, Ronny, Claudette, Lucy, and many more. I hope you also appreciate these people as they work and have to deal with some challenging patient situations. I was an easy patient, had a fractured pelvic, Jerry in therapy was very good! " - Thank you, Sandy S
"I wanted to thank you and your team for a very good rehab experience for my mother. She was well taken care of by your lovely staff. The facility was clean and the standards very high. I would highly recommend Springtree rehab. " - Thank you, Jewel W
"My father, Ivanhoe M, has been at your rehab center for the past 6 days. It is of utmost importance to me that he has quality care in a loving and clean environment. I was extremely grateful to 2 of your staff members. Myriam Najac has gone out of her way to ensure that my Dad's care is excellent. In addition, she has been so patient with me in explaining the protocol of the procedures of the rehab and also overseeing his nursing care needs. She allowed me to ask questions and was very pleasant. It brings me much comfort to know that my father's care is placed in Myriam's care and supervision. Furthermore, my Dad received various care from nurses and nursing assistants from the hospital he was discharged from prior to arriving at your rehab and also in your rehab. He spoke so highly of Yvonne (who is usually there when I arrive to the rehab around 5 pm) because she gently cared for him, assisted him with his shower, walked him to the bathroom, dressed and make sure his bed was comfortable for him. I also had the privilege of meeting Yvonne and also witnessed her kindness towards my father. Thank you so very much for cultivating an environment at this rehab that shows patient's love, kindness and quality care. " - Thank you, Karen M (Daughter)
"My name is Frieda S. This is the 2nd time I have been to Springtree Rehabilitation and Health Care Center. At first you think you're playing games when you're in therapy, but it's not games. Everything means something to help you. Ronnie the administrator is awesome, her door is always open and she and the staff are always there for you!

The help is awesome, they are there for you at the push of a button. The therapists are helpful and skillful with their chartreuse shoes!! I would not have been back for a second time if they had not taken such good care of me the first time! God bless them all for all their hard work! " - Thank you, Frieda S